Battleground Zero
“In general humans must be wary of contacting alien civilizations” Stephen Hawking

Welcome to the BATTLEGROUND ZERO INTERCONTINENTAL CUP, FIGHT FOR THE WORLD… WIN FOR YOU!, where you can defend your CITY, YOUR LOVE, and YOUR COUNTRY! that’s right FIGHT and CRY if you like, with over 60 000 USD in PRIZES AND CASH!!!

Join players and teams from Europe, Americas, Asia, Russia, Middle East and more, and try to win… HOIST YOUR COLORS!! and become ONE with your team..Computer Only for now sorry… Cheaters if found would be spelled immediately, so just in case..

.. SO YES some famous people think we are pretty cool you would find out soon, and well we hope you enjoy it, REGISTER in the TOURNAMENT Section, or mark the day in the calendar with OVER 40 HOURS on NON STOP Broadcasting with professional commentators,  and lots of prizes from our Sponsors.

We want to thank all the support during some difficult moments we had last year, and needless to say that gave us more determination to improve our network and bring more fun to YOU! Our International Tournaments will  be initially focused on League of Legends,  Dota 2,  Fornite, CSGO, and more. Yes we have big surprises coming up… pinky promise… To all the sponsors old and new ones we apologize for the delay, and promise we won’t disappoint….

European competitions already reached over 1 million views in Twitch and we thank all of you for that..We will have our first facility in the USA soon. YES we are Gamers, and YES we wont disappoint. ESL and Intel Corporation could not have said it better! for that WE THANK YOU for being a Gamer or a “Game curious”.

Check the Tournament Page for the updated schedule for games, signups, Prizes. All Payments use the SECURE PAYPAL INTERFACE, so we are very concern that your information would be protected following our privacy, cookie, and tracking policies.





Welcome to Battleground Zero Esport Arenas,  we are a competitive gaming organization looking to bring Esports to Planet Earth  for all ages and skill levels. Join us on the weekends, at night, afternoons, after work, before work, during work… and we are here to support you with a great variety of PC Games, and technology experiences.

GAME LIKE THE PROS, FEEL LIKE A PRO! is what we stand for to provide the best gaming experience with award winning prizes including money pools to keep things interesting. NO we are not a gambling organization or a place where you should feel unwelcome, we demand the highest level of service for recreational, amateur and professional gamers regardless of your age.

Certainly our facilities and competitions will be out of this world, and we decided to land on planet Earth to initiate our invasion and make your gaming dreams a reality….. We landed just like this…we swear,  in a humble way…

Compete, conquer, team up, achieve, loose, win, cry, and do it against teams from America, Russia, Europe, and Asia and maybe the Moon. you can do it here in our Gaming Arenas or with our online international tournaments. Let the Esport games begin!


So WHAT is Esport anyway…. is it a job? are they homeless? WHERE this happens, HOW this happens and WHO cares about it, Do they MAKE MONEY? like the one you use to buy things and pay for rent??… We hope the video below will help you understand the excitement of the game…..




Ohh by the way, if we catch you CHEATING during a game…. YOU and your whole team would be disqualified!! and the offender REPORTED to the respective gaming company… so NO CHEATING CHEATERS!


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