About Battleground Zero


Welcome to the world of competitive PC gaming, Battleground Zero is your Esport Gaming Arena! Have fun, feel inspired to compete at the professional level, support your friends, train with your team in real world competitive environment, play with your equipment using our high-speed internet or use our top of the line computers featuring our Alienware products. Learn new skills as part of our workshops or just win our prize money tournaments… if you can. We are committed to provide you with the best gaming experience supported by the best technology in the most friendly environment. Our company has made a deal with “them”… give us your BEST Alien technology, and we use it only for friendly purposes, but we are earthlings and can’t help it use it for PC Gaming!

Since we like planet Earth, its trees and resources, we are COMPLETELY CASHLESS… paper or coin money is something that does not exist in our Arenas, and we have no clue about… for that reason we only use CREDIT CARDS to communicate with our Spaceships. Sorry no virtual currencies or bitcoin like currencies are accepted yet, since we are very very smart….


Battleground Zero does not claim copyrights of logos, characters, and any other intellectual property featured or associated with the games that we feature in our arenas. We sell our products to promote a game and our logos. We certainly like to promote games and the characters themselves since that is what we love GAMING, and when mean GAMING we mean Esports!!. Also, not all games and companies featured are associated with Battleground Zero , but… we welcome that, and certainly our facilities are opened for product demonstrations any day. Battleground Zero certainly uses its facilities for tournaments and other non gambling related activities and our Esport games and tournaments are based on skill and not by chance.

Want to play against international teams or contenders… we got you covered on our special featured tournaments with our international sister arenas.Come and visit us and experience what it is to forget about limits and enjoy your favorite games at super fast speeds..and we are totally sure it is out of this world. Come and just say hi to the Aliens..and you might become one of us..