International Sister Arenas

Teamwork, Friendship, Dedication, Competition, and Technology that’s the key to success at any challenge. One simple game from Chess to Overwatch, from Pacman to LOL, has the same effect, makes us feel excited of playing it. We don’t care the race, sex, language, religion, planet or any other factor of our opponent, but what we care is to have enough skill to defeat him/her/it. We enjoy the emotion of winning and the anger of defeat. Political differences cannot help you win a game or achieve anything in life. We are joint by friendship separated only by geography and time zones, and sometimes maybe planets. We are a community of gamers, we belong to no country and we all share the enjoyment of challenge and yes we are athletes. We are lawyers, engineers, doctors, janitors, mechanics, teachers, nurses, military, police officers and more, ..but we are ONE when we play and we LOVE what we do…. so now go and tell your mom, wife, husband, girlfriend, loved ones, and even your cat that… and let’s see what they say.

We are sure Plato said that…. check it out…. if you need a cool summary, this is what ESL and Intel Corporation said… WE ARE NOT GOOD AT VIDEOS… but we also like it…


 Russian Federation

Cyber Sport Arena Baza (

Competitive Gaming with World of Tanks and FIFA used to improve strategic decisions for Police Forces, Navy and Military Recruits, including Russian Baltic Special Forces.



RED BULL SPECIAL: A quick Look at Esports and Competitive Gaming in Russia


Denmark (Copenhagen)







South Korea












Czech Republic